Client Quotes

"Thank you' doesn't begin to express our gratitude for your presentation at the MARCHA Spring Workshop.  The reactions to your programs were overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic."
          -Velma Hendershott, Executive Director, Migrant and Rural Community Health Association

"Hospital administration reported the tension level due to stress of the changes we are going through noticeably lowered following your workshop.  You made a profound impact on the participants."
          -Selwyn Fidelman, PhD. Psychiatric Services, Holy Cross Hospital

"The response to the conference was truly outstanding, and much of the credit is due to you!"
          -Paulette Kissee, Alzheimer's Association, Southeastern Wisconsin

"What a joy!  Thank you so much for a great presentation...the participants couldn't stop talking about what fun they had.  Don't worry, I do think they learned something also!"
          -Julie Shepard, Migrant Education Consultant, MI Dept. of Education

"Your program was the highlight of the evening, indeed of the entire training.  Your joy was infectious and happily, we all caught it!"
          -Marion David, Director, Sustaining the Soul, Washington DC

"Your program exceeded our expectations.  You've heard of Knute Rockne and the Gipper...on Thursday Notre Dame developed another legendary pair - Kay Caskey and Laurie Young.  You received the first ever standing ovation!"
          -Kathleen Sullivan, Alumni Director, Notre Dame

"Your ears must be burning as I have heard numerous comments asserting this to be the best program in years.  Thank you!"
          -Judy Yaeger, PhD. Data Processing Managers Association

"Attendees found your presentation 'meaningful, uplifting, dynamic,' with your mixture of serious facts and outcomes of research with laughter and humor.  Thank you for making our meeting a happy and successful event."
          -Zaga Blockstein, Regional representative, Pennsylvania Adult Day Care Association

"It was wonderful,...inspiring,... Overall effectiveness of presentation,'9.6' rating from participants."
          -Personal and Professional Development Seminar, Borgess Hospital

"Long-term effects have been very positive.  The experience boosted morale and enhanced our team-building efforts.. Your presentation has increased the credibility of in-service sessions."
          -Anne Breznau, Dean of Academic Affairs, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Community College

"You have the rare gift of making a complex subject enjoyable yet educational.  All who attended are still talking about your presentation."
          -Carol Glazier, Educational Coordinator, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

"Your Great Expectations program was incredible!  It was so encouraging to watch employees from all over this Division interacting and participating in such a positive way. Needless to say, the program was a terrific success."
          -K. McGrath, Certified Purchasing Manager, Michigan State University

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